Cindy Chen

Managing Principal


Adapting to change, embracing challenge, and identifying solutions and opportunities is Cindy Chen's expertise. As the managing principal of IMOK, Cindy believes that much good design is born of the collaboration of great minds. Her diverse background of the field experience allows her to lead project teams undertaking a wide variety of types and styles of projects. "Our project approach is to craft a unique solution for each client, one that should be functional, creative, environmentally sound, and will meet the client's time-line and budget expectations."

Her experience and travels have also taught her and her design teams to develop strategies to craft the story of the place in any appropriate style, with design inspiration mindful of the culture and fabric. Company-wide, Cindy also ensures that IMOK is continually recognized for effective project delivery, which combines rigorous quality control, current and consistent standards and practices, and contract and project management capabilities with our space-of-the-art technology.


Bachelor of Civil Engineer,  China University of Geosciences15 years field experience.