Mikael Lindstein

Senior Designer


A sustainable vision for the future where all design is respectful of its environment and creates lasting value is at the core of every design for Mikael Lindstein. Champion of new thinking and pushing the envelope of design with ideas that create thoughtful, livable and economically viable space, Mikael Lindstein paced himself early to lead design excellence into the future. He is a passionate creative who thrives on the opportunity to design at a variety of scales for a variety of project types. He is known for challenging each project team to develop the most innovative and economically viable solutions, engaging frequently in design brainstorms and introducing a comprehensive perspective and approach to the lifecycle of space—how a plan reaches tomorrow and lives beyond today. 

Mikael often gains inspiration for design through travel and walking (often jogging) the great cities of the world, Paris, Philadelphia, Beijing. seizing and sharing experiences and the smallest details of a place. Beyond his travels abroad and immersing himself in new experiences, Mikael finds design inspiration through her appreciation for creative arts and music. He understands the nuances of crafting a sense of place, and the finer details and finishes that connect an individual to a space.


Mikael is the recipient of multiple prestigious design awards, including AIA's Custom Residence National Award, twice receiving Home of the Year, Best in American Living. He also contributes time as an editorial advisor for Design for Living, has served as a judge for several design awards programs, and is a published designer in magazines such as Diablo Magazine, Builder Magazine and Custom Homes.